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Summary: Samantha Greenberg wanted simple plans for her graduation trip. She knows things never do go as planned, but never expected this. Mishmash Quad-Fest is one of the biggest concerts of the year. This year, it’s taking place in her hometown, Baton Rouge, and they happen to win VIP tickets. While she should be excited to attend, she can’t shake the ominous feeling or the seemingly prophetic dreams.

There are rumors surrounding the Fairchild Manor. Samantha isn’t one to believe in curses, but the Manor does have a dark history and a lot of unexplained deaths tied to it. One mystery in particular hits close to home. Samantha is quick to notice her startling resemblance to Lynette Fairchild and wonders if they will share the same fate.

Samantha soon finds out that isn’t the only mystery to solve as people slowly start dying. Soon, the “trip of a lifetime” becomes a waking nightmare…and she isn’t so sure they will make it out alive.

*This novel is set in year of 2008.


Comments: This was the first novel I ever started. I originally began writing this in 2005. Over the years, it grew. I actually finished this novel a few years ago, but I never could force myself into the process of publishing.

With the boost of self-publishing, I decided to go ahead and try. My wonderful family gladly helped in the process. It took another year for me to get to the point where I was satisfied enough to publish it. It may not be perfect, but this book has come a long way in eleven years and I feel like I have improved as a writer. I look forward to sharing my next novel with you soon!


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