I started this blog to share my personal writings and thoughts. I love feedback so please share your thoughts with me! I also love writing challenges so feel free to share one with me; I don’t have a lot of free time so I prefer one-shots. Below is my “professional” bio.


About The Author:

K.N. Proctor is the author of “Whispered Shadows”, which is part one of the FRUITS series. This was her first novel, started back in 2005. She was inspired to write by her favorite series “Nancy Drew” and longed to create a world of her own.

K.N. Proctor was born and raised in a small town located in Arkansas, which she is still proud to call home. She is happily married to her best friend and is blessed to be a step-mom. She is a family person and loves spending time with her parents who constantly inspire and encourage her. She is an animal lover and has two “fur-babies” she cares deeply for, Toby and Smokey.

She loves writing and it has been her dream to become an author. She also enjoys losing herself in a good book, looking at nature through a camera lens, rocking out with her husband, and venturing out for nice, long walks in the beautiful woods that Arkansas offers.



Comments? Suggestions?

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