Original Works

Below is a list of all my original works/blog posts in categories and link(s) to each one…maybe that will make it a little easier to find the posts you’re looking for. Feel free to share your opinions about them, I would love to hear from you! Constructive criticism I want, flames not so much… Enjoy!

Biblical Prospective

Devotionals/Sermons/Quotes/And So On

Freely Received, Freely Give – God freely gave us forgiveness, shouldn’t we do the same?

Thought Provoking Questions From A Christian Prospective – Just some questions to make you think…but I suppose you could gather that from the title. :)

Which Well Are You? – First message I preached. Which well are you drinking from?

God Will Do The Rest – A quote that came to mind. I’m so thankful for the Lord’s helpful hand!

No Matter What, Trust In Him -No matter what, trust in the Lord.

Hold On – Life is hard…but hold on!

Just To Brag On My God A Little… – Just a few testimonies. I love bragging on my awesome God!




Devil’s Conquest

Summary: I want to break you, change you, destroy you, mold you into what I want and desire. You are mine, whether you see it or not… I will possess you; own you, every little drop… Dark oneshot.

Status: Completed.

Comments:I think it maybe very well obvious who this person is… He is very devilish, if I do say. This is an old one-shot, but I thought I would share it, too. Enjoy.



Summary: What happens in the words stays in the woods. You x Mystery Man.

Status: Completed.

Comments: Just a fun little one shot. Enjoy.



Original Series

Take My Hand And Never Let Go

Summary: If you could write your love story, what would it say? Would it include the good with the bad? The sadness with the joy? The laughter with the pain? You x OC. Drabble series.

Status: In progress.

Comments: This is a drabble series. Each one is connected but not in a particular order. I have really enjoyed writing this little series, it has a little bit of everything.

Chapters [One] [Two] [Three] [Four [Five] [Six] [Seven]




Here are post that are more personal in nature, which may or may nor bore you.

True Love Waits – I am so thankful that I waited for the man God had for me!

Dreams Do Come True – Just the announcement of my engagement. :D Yes, I cannot stop smiling.

Six Word Stories

Six word stories are simply that: you tell a story in six words. Challenging, huh? I found out about this from the Six Word Stories group on deviant-Art and I really enjoy their prompts. Do check them out!

New Beginnings




I Have A Savior – The first song Justin Mason and I wrote. Enjoy!

You Did It All For Me – I am so thankful for everything that the Lord has done!


Comments? Suggestions?

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